Serving Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, Missouri, Oklahoma and South Dakota.

About Us

With over 85 years of industry experience, Paramount Gas Products' mission is to keep people safe by simplifying the process to maintain, calibrate, and use gas monitoring systems. With the amount of issues that employees come across daily, the proper function of a life saving device shouldn't be one of them.

Above all, Paramount Gas Products stays true to the one single thing that customers value the most - reliability. The company works only with the highest quality gas detection accessories and safety equipment. The team puts a tremendous amount of effort into installing, calibrating, and monitoring life-saving gas devices in the best possible way. The ultimate goal is not only to meet but also exceed all customers’ expectations.

Paramount Gas Products removes the pressure industrial clients face and keeps them 100% safe. Perfectly personalized for your specific business needs.

Paramount Gas Products will work with you to develop a personalized maintenance/calibration program that removes the doubt that your employees are working with products that will keep them safe.

What Makes Paramount Gas Products Stand Out?

What sets Paramount Gas Products apart is its commitment to innovation. Paramount Gas Products strives to provide the most reliable and up-to-date gas detection services on the market.

With Paramount Gas Products, you get

  •   Live Cloud-based Asset tracking service
  •   Gas detection sales and service/calibrations
  •   Cryogenic freezer sales and service
  •   Personal Protective Equipment to keep you 100% safe
  •   Gas detection equipment rentals for your temporary needs and more

With Care For Customers

Paramount Gas Products provides its customers with full-service transparency and tracking. Everyone deserves to know the entire process their equipment goes through. Paramount Gas Products trusted personnel of trained service technicians and safety equipment experts would be there for you every step of the way.

We service the following territories: Kansas City, Kansas and Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Minnesota, Oklahoma. We have a new Service Center (Kansas City area) located at 11244 Strang Line Rd, Lenexa, Kansas 66215.

When it comes to gas monitors and liquid nitrogen freezers:


Meet the Paramount Gas Products Leadership Team:

Randy Preuss - Owner

Ted Moore - Regional Sales Manager