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Asset Management and Calibration Services

Paramount Gas Products is proud to offer calibration services and preventative maintenance programs for both fixed and portable gas monitoring systems as well as liquid nitrogen auto-fill freezers.

Gas Monitors

To keep your portable gas monitor fleet or your fixed system functioning properly, most gas monitor manufacturers require periodic calibration of this life saving equipment.

Components of portable gas monitor like sensors, filters, pumps, and batteries need periodic service or replacement. Paramount Gas Products services gas monitors with annual PM Service Agreements or on an as needed basis. We can develop a custom plan to suit your needs.

Liquid Nitrogen Freezers

Although liquid nitrogen freezers are very dependable, all of them have working parts (valves, filters, gaskets, controllers, temperature probes, etc.) that are repeatedly exposed to cryogenic conditions. These parts need to be inspected, calibrated, and replaced periodically. Whether you have one freezer that is rarely opened or a large freezer room with high usage, a preventative maintenance plan will ensure the long-term performance of your freezer and protection against loss of priceless samples.

Fall Protection Equipment

Paramount Gas Products sells 3M DBI Sala fall protection products. We are certified as Competent Person through 3M. We offer yearly gear inspections utilizing our cloud-based tracking system. 


Asset Management System

Paramount Gas Products utilizes a cloud-based asset management system to track all customer assets and calibration/preventative maintenance due dates, so everything is always documented and kept up to date.          

  • Each asset is barcoded, scanned, and entered by serial number
  • Customers are enabled to view their assets and due dates through an online portal
  • Customers are empowered to manage their assets by department, location, or personnel
  • Paramount’s asset management system allows customers to utilize an application on their mobile devices to add asset details, notes and due dates

Please contact us for additional information on these services and asset management system for Paramount to start developing a solution for you.

We service the following territories: Kansas City, Kansas and Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Minnesota and Oklahoma.