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Draeger X-plore 3500


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Product Overview

Draeger X-plore Half Mask Respirator, Twin Filter - Model 3500

This is a reusable half mask respirator built to perform in harsh environments for long duration use.    Available in Sizes S (R55351), M (R55350) and L(R55352) and utilizes the X-plore line of cartridge filters. (Filters Sold Separately)

  • Low Profile providing an exceptional field of vision.
  • FlexiFit Head Harness - adaptable material providing an excellent fit on the head without trapping hair.   
  • Easily Adjustable Head Harness - The innovative X (Crosswise) guides of the harness are easy to adjust and ensure an even weight and pressure distribution, resulting in increased wearer comfort.
  • DragerFlex Material - Specifically developed for the mask body of the X-plore 3500, the DragerFLex material combines eudermic properties with excellent resistance and protection.
  • Drop Down Harness - The mask can be removed from the face without removing head protection by simply unclasping the neck fastener.   While in the drop down position, the face-seal portion of the mask remains against the body protecting against contamination.

The Dräger X-plore® 3500 is equipped with two lateral bayonet connections for use with the comprehensive Dräger X-plore® bayonet filter series.​


Product type
Twin-filter half mask
Handling of dusts and/or gases and vapours
Protection against
Particles, gases, vapours - depending on the breathing filter used
Reusable (mask only)
Filter connection
Dräger-specific bayonet
Filter positioning
Corresponding breathing filters
Dräger X-plore bayonet filters
S, M, L
Weight (mask only, approx.)
0.21 lb


(No reviews yet) Write a Review